Our services

Maintenance and new installations of turbomachines

Global Energy Corp. focuses on providing maintenance and new installations of turbomachines to maximize the productivity of our customers. The Corporation has extensive experience in several types of major/customized overhaul of gas turbines of up to 170MW of output power, steam turbines and centrifugal compressor components. The Corporation's fundamental field of activity focuses on some turbine brands that are in service in the oil, gas and energy industries such as SOLAR, ALSTOM, SIEMENS, ROLLS ROYCE and GE for Gas turbines and ABB, SIEMENS, WESTING HOUSE, GENERAL ELECTRIC for Steam Turbines.

Global Energy Corp. repairs and rebuilds a wide variety of rotors and components of various rotary machines, especially gas and steam turbines, centrifugal compressors, etc. using tools and technical knowledge. We employ highly qualified and experienced staff. OUR FIELD ENGINEERS HAVE MORE THAN 30 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE, MANY OF THEM WITH SIGNIFICANT EXPERIENCE WITH CUSTOMERS.

Our team of TFA experts, backed by state-of-the-art technological tools, is trained to perform preventive and corrective maintenance in the generation units in the field, as well as in their auxiliary equipment and in the plant balance (BOP). In addition, we offer customized performance improvement and equipment upgrade solutions to maximize the efficiency and useful life of systems.

In order to maximize the productivity and optimal performance of your turbomachinery equipment, at Global Energy Corp. we are proud to offer comprehensive technical assistance to solve any electrical, mechanical or control problems and related processes. Our commitment to excellence in service and customer satisfaction is incomparable, and we always make sure to exceed your expectations with our unparalleled knowledge and experience in the turbomachinery industry.

Our team is made up of highly specialized engineers in a wide variety of controls. We offer advisory services on turbo machinery, personalized data collection and analysis, and provide complete support in the implementation and start-up of projects.

Thanks to expert and efficient planning, it is possible to reduce the downtime of the equipment, thus increasing its operating time. Our early maintenance planning services are highly adaptable to meet your specific needs.

Maintenance of transmission lines

Maintenance has a recurring process. It is about the cleaning of the insulators, the elements located at the top of the tower that hold the cables that transport the energy (conductors). To clean them of dust and other particles suspended in the air that accumulate, the operators pour demineralized water under pressure with a hose. Before, they must climb the structure of the tower between 35 and 50 meters high or climb on a crane to stand in front of them. Sometimes, the replacement of damaged parts for new parts is added to this maneuver.

Like eye inspection, maintenance can be carried out with the line operating (hot maintenance) or non-operating (cold maintenance). The first option is widely applied internationally and is a much more ambitious method than cold maintenance. Specialists must be very meticulous and careful to execute the maneuvers, especially on extra-high voltage lines, which carry the greatest amount of energy.

In this field, Global Energy has successful experiences in Brazil, Chile or Peru, among other geographies.

Preventive maintenance of substations

Preventive maintenance will help minimize the failures of your substation. Preventive maintenance of substations is proposed at least once a year with the following minimum preventive scopes:

Lubrication and verification of the physical conditions of the transformer components are carried out.

The arching safety cameras of the disconnector system are inspected and calibrated.

Each insulator is checked to verify the absence of crash.

Tests and verification are carried out on the earth systems inherent to the cabinet and the relief cones.

Cleaning and re-opening of components.

Interior cleaning and connection of the metal cabinet of the substation.

Tests and measurement of the land system of the substations.

Other related equipment to which we also give preventive maintenance:

Grounding Systems.

Lightning Rods.

Physical Land

Bank of Capacitors.

Surge suppressor

Maintenance in the oil industry

Global Energy Corp. among its attributes is to help the oil and gas industry, in all its 3 (three) phases:

Upstream: Exploration, extraction and production.

Midstream: Transportation, processes and storage.

Downstream: Refining, sale and distribution.

Providing materials and equipment for the maintenance of machinery as well as in carrying out corrective maintenance (in case of contingency), up to predictive maintenance (cost savings), going through the stages of preventive maintenance.

Among those that stand out:

Cleaning of Exchangers.

Cleaning of Contingency Pools.

Comprehensive Maintenance of Tanks. Intervention of Gas Plants.

Sanitation of Spills.

Predictive Maintenance and Laboratory.

Preventive Maintenance of Reducing Boxes.

Maintenance, change and displacement of OCTG «Oil Country Tubular Goods» pipes for Oil use and that are applied in the oil and gas industry, covering Drill Pipe, Steel casing pipe and Production Pipe (tubing).

Unions, Connections and Accessories used.

Comprehensive Maintenance of Static and Rotary Equipment (pumps, valves, safety valves, manifolf, compressors, among others).

Interior Cleaning of Well Installation. 


Chemical injection systems.

Insulation of boilers, pipes, distillers, etc.


This wide variety of services is carried out with highly trained personnel and new Technologies in Equipment for the Hydrocarbon Industry.

Additionally, our corporation supports the realization of the necessary logistics for the hoisting and transfer of all kinds of equipment and facilities of the oil industry through our land transport professionals with the availability of trucks, lowboy and cranes of different capacities.