Energy into
The Future

Who are we?

Global Energy Corp, we are a leading and fast growing private company in rotating equipment services. It is made up of a group of highly qualified and experienced senior professionals; engineers, technologists, designers, project managers and administrative personnel who meet in a team designed to meet and resolve the wishes of our clients in rotating teams focused on Upstream and Downstream, Oil and Gas Industry, Petrochemical, Energy and Power Plants.

Since its establishment in 2018, Global Energy Corp has managed to carry out many crucial projects in the relevant areas for steam and gas turbines and centrifugal compressor components through overhaul and restoration, reengineering, maintenance and assembly.

Our company provides maintenance and component replacement services on 69 kV, 115kV, 400kV transmission lines. As well as in substations, parts and components of them. 

Currently, this Group is expanding and cooperating with foreign companies for the acquisition of raw materials such as superalloys, quality steels, parts and components for refurbishment of workshops, gas and steam turbines and for field services, as well as manufacturing procedures.

Additionally, we manage a line with reliable suppliers of the different manufacturers worldwide of parts and components of transmission lines and substations.

Our mission is...

Advance and master the field of Services in the area of Electricity, Oil and Gas with low costs and high quality specifications through interaction with our local and global partners with perfect and reliable services.

What do we do?

The main activities of our group are focused on energy, rotating equipment, transmission systems and substations as follows:

  • Repair and reconditioning of parts and assemblies.
  • Maintenance of Gas and Steam Turbine Rotors.
  • Thermal, Static and Dynamic Analysis.
  • Alignment and balancing of machinery.
  • Maintenance of control systems.
  • Maintenance and Assembly of turbogenerators.
  • Engineering and consulting.
  • Re-engineering of parts and components.
  • Maintenance of transmission lines at the different voltage levels. 
  • Maintenance of transmission and distribution substations. 
  • Tests of GIS substations.
  • Grounding Systems.

Our services

Maintenance and new installations of turbomachines

Maintenance of transmission lines

Preventive maintenance of substations

Maintenance in the oil industry

We are socially responsible

We are a socially responsible company (ESR) because we work committed to values and within our business objectives include supporting social, economic and environmental needs in order to optimize their competitive situation and their added value.

We are socially responsible by our own decision and not by imposition and our policies, strategies and practices are aimed at favoring its collaborators, suppliers, family members, environment and environment.

"Corpsor social responsibility is the voluntary integration, by companies, of social and environmental concerns in their commercial operations and their relationships with all their interlocutors."

Among our actions we do to be a socially responsible company are:

  • Offer products or services that respond to the needs of users.
  • Ethics is included in all decisions made in the company.
  • Our workers are our priority.
  • We respect the environment.
  • We join the community of which you are a part.
  • We increase the quality of working life.
  • We implement marketing strategies that develop responsible marketing.

Among the benefits we offer to be socially responsible are:

  • We improve the relationship with the environment and increase the influence of the company on society.
  • We reduce operating costs.
  • Position and differentiate the brand from the competition.
  • It allows you to access and positively influence opinion leaders.
  • It improves the financial performance of the company.

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